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Epdm tape for windows

Regarding windows that are sealing weather and water damage, a solution which are reliable be found in EPDM tape. EPDM appears for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a rubber that has been synthetic that’s widely used in automotive and construction companies. EPDM tape works for sealing windows and doors in structures and automobiles.

EPDM tape may be a material that was ideal sealing screen that is various, including casement windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows. Associated with, it is a durable and sealing that is certainly flexible that allows for some movement in the screen frame without breaking the seal. The Tanyo epdm tape for windows is used concerning the window and the wall as frame, providing a seal that is resistant to water, wind, and rays which can be also UV.

Check out of the benefits of EPDM tape for screen seals

Check out of the benefits of the Tanyo double sided epdm tape for screen seals.

Why choose Tanyo Epdm tape for windows?

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EPDM tape is a solution which was inexpensive windows that are sealing doors. In comparison with other sealing options like caulking and weatherstripping, the Tanyo epdm rolls is a lot cheaper and effective.


Once set up, EPDM tape calls for maintenance that is certainly most that is little. It does not need to be changed really usually, so the Tanyo epdm butyl tape is an investment that was one-time saves time and cash.

Using EPDM tape for window seals

Before setting up EPDM tape clean the surface region whenever you shall definitely apply the tape. Make sure it really is dry and clean to market a seal that is strong. Gauge the length of the window and slice the EPDM tape. Apply the EPDM tape which are the screen frame, ensuring it is pushing and focused it firmly into place. It is strongly suggested to apply the tape in a length which can be prevent that is continuous gaps or cold drafts.

The Tanyo epdm rubber tape was very versatile and can be utilized in different methods. It can be utilized across the screen framework, to seal gaps amongst the screen frame and walls or to seal split or damaged window seals. In the scenario of a seal that is hurt applying EPDM tape that is help you save from incurring costly repairs or replacements.

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