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Whether or not you should put a pvc tpo membrane on the exterior of your home, there are a number of critical considerations to take into account before making your decision. The first concern is the price. The second factor is its longevity.


When it comes to the production of single-ply tpo pvc roofing systems, Duro-Last is the industry leader. The Duro-Last roofing system provides a number of advantages and is intended to last significantly longer than other types of roofing materials. It is resistant to a wide range of elements, including chemicals, flame, and high temperatures.

The most comprehensive defense possible against severe weather is afforded by a Duro-Last roofing system. The highly reflecting nature of this membrane makes it possible to effectively control the temperature within the building. The heat island effect is mitigated thanks to the membrane as well.

Thermoplastic polyolefin, more often known as TPO, is a type of polymer that is derived from ethylene-propylene rubber. TPO is quite comparable to Duro-Last, with the exception that it has a lower thread count and more seams that need to be welded. TPO is available in a wide variety of different thicknesses, and there are a variety of different manufacturers to choose from.

TPO is a bit more expensive than Duro-Last in terms of overall cost. You can purchase the TPO material on your own, but it is recommended that you work with a professional contractor to have it installed. TPO, on the other hand, has a performance layer that is thinner than that of Duro-Last, and as a result, it cannot deliver the same levels of puncture resistance.

If you are in the market for a new roof for your business building, you should give some thought to Duro-Last. Not only is it flexible and long-lasting, but it is also an excellent choice for establishments such as restaurants and industrial facilities.

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