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structural adhesive

The structural adhesive bonding is a method of joining two materials that share a common composition but are not necessarily of the same material. This type of fastening can be used in place of mechanical fasteners such as screws, rivets, bolts, and nails.

Reactive urethane adhesives

The structural adhesive tape is a type of adhesive used to bond wood, concrete, and other substrates together. When cured, they have a high bond strength and are very flexible. This is an excellent choice for building and assembly projects requiring strong adhesion. These adhesives have a low viscosity and can be dispensed with bulk application equipment.

Adhesives are classified into two types. The first is a two-component adhesive, while the second is a one-component adhesive. Each type has distinct advantages. The two-part adhesive, for example, is more flexible than the single-component adhesive.

Both types of adhesives have a quick cure time. It is important to note, however, that this duration is dependent on the temperature of the commercial adhesive.

For example, the Lord 7540 A/B adhesive requires 72 hours of room temperature curing before use. Before applying the adhesive, it is recommended that the joints be primed.

When cured, two-part adhesives are relatively flexible and can bond a wide range of plastics. However, their solvent resistance is limited.

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