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thick butyl tape

You're in luck if you're looking for thick butyl tape designed for use in high-temperature applications. This high-temperature butyl rubber tape will give you the tensile strength you need to safeguard your goods whether you use it to seal up a freezer or a refrigerator.

Alpha butyl tape

For homeowners looking for a sealant that can withstand the harsh elements, alpha butyl tape is a great option. The adhesive is a flexible substance that adheres to most surfaces quickly and effortlessly. There are numerous dimensions for these tapes.

Butyl Tape is not only waterproof, but it also comes in a range of thicknesses. When it is likely to come into contact with moisture, this is especially crucial. It is ideal for sealing heating and air ducts because it also acts as an airtight barrier. There are many colors available for butyl tapes.

Additionally, there are numerous brands available. Alpha butyl tapes are created to adhere to industry standards and codes. They are also perfect for HVAC, marine, and metal building applications. The Alpha System Q13018-1 Butyl Tape, one of the more sophisticated butyl tapes, is the thickest butyl tape available, with widths ranging from 3/8" to 4".

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